Perfect Pitch Washtub Bass

Add the full bass sound to your musical group with the Auto Bass. Simple to play, this instrument always stays in perfect pitch and was created to give everyone an opportunity to jump right in and make music.

Superior a Bucket

The sound quality of the Auto Bass' microprocessor does the hard work, so you can get to the work at making music.

Add the Bass

Lacking a bass player? Add the Auto Bass to your skill set and your problem is solved.

The AutoBass gets Curves.

The AutoBass Curve has arrived and while its taken on a new shape, it kept the same ease of play and quality of sound. What does this tell us? If you have a look or size you want, AutoBass can deliver.

Simple to Play. Always in Tune. Uniquely Yours.

Created for those in search of a beautifully sounding bass instrument that’s easy and fun to play. Eight touch switches on the fingerboard communicate with microprocessor-based electronics to produce high quality, perfectly tuned notes In the musical key selected by a dial on top of the bucket base of the instrument. Similar to the autoharp, you can enjoy the push-button string sound and ease of play.

Take a listen

Take a listen
In these audio clips, listen to how the Auto Bass adds the bass line with ease and clarity of sound. Showcased are two songs of varying styles...

How to Play

How to Play
In a few simple steps, you can be playing the Auto Bass right along with your favorite song or with a group. The quality of...


Contact creator Dave Senften for your custom-built Auto Bass. Add your logo to the bucket base of the wash tub with a custom decal. Or, if...
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